General business conditions

1. Our minimum rental period is 1 month with a notice period of 2 weeks to the end of the month. Notice should be in writing.
2. The settlement of the rent is monthly by direct debit from your account.
3. The deposit is 1 month’s rent.
4. Tenants need their own insurance for the stored items.

Special goods - Obligation of the depositor

The depositor is obliged to particularly inform the warehouse keeper if the following goods are to become the subject of the storage contract:

  • Fire or explosive or radiant, prone to spontaneous combustion, poisonous, corrosive or foul-smelling or even such goods, which may cause disadvantages to the warehouse and/or other storage goods and/or people;
  • Goods subject to rapid deterioration or decay;
  • Goods that – like food – are likely to attract vermin;
  • Objects of exceptional value, such as precious metals, jewels, precious stones, money, stamps, coins, securities of all kinds, documents, documents, data carriers, works of art, real carpets, antiques, collectibles;
  • Live animals and live plants;
  • Goods prohibited by law (LSD, amfeta, hash and so on);
  • Old tires.
  • The warehouse keeper is entitled to refuse the storage of the above goods.
  • Police, customs officials, and so on, have access to the warehouses at all times, provided you have the necessary documents.
  • It is forbidden to use the warehouse for any other purpose than intended.
  • Parents/caretakers: watch your children.

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after telephone appointment

You have access to your storage box 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.